Saturday, 7 September 2013

Horror Horror on the Ghoul, who is the darkest of them all?

Since everyone has watched The Conjuring( Kudos if you could watch it without the person sitting next to you screaming “ Arey kya kar rahi hai?, udhar andar mat jao!!!”), I thought this is a good time to put out a list of the horror movies to be checked out. The list isn’t exhaustive. Most of the ratings range from the ocassional “I told you so” to “Mummmyyyyy!!!!!!!”

1.       The Japanese Horror: No horror list can exist without mentioning the real masters to this genre. Though Hollywood has already remade these and showed them to a larger audience, it is  always great to lay your hands on the original.

The Ring Series

The Grudge Series

Dark Water

The Audition

2.       Khoon!! Khoon!! :

Just because someone is icky on the outside, doesn’t mean he is icky from the inside’- Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls)talking about Cockroaches

These guys are icky from the inside as well. These monsters just want to kill someone. End of Story. We used to have Alif Laila in the DD1 days where these monsters would sit across the other actors in the final minutes of the episodes to tell their dukh bhari kahanis. But these guys are a different league. However most of the time, the motive to actually commit the crime are laughable.

I Know what you did last summe

Scream Series

Nightmare of Elm Street

The Hills have Eyes

Texas Chain Saw Massacre


House of Wax

3.       Stitch ‘em up:

These movies are filled with villains, who didn’t know if they wanted to be Doctors or Carpenters- so ended up becoming both.

Saw Series

Hostel Series

4.       DSLR wala Horror Movies:

These movies are captured on hand held cameras to give a more “Real Life” feel to it. The original idea behind these movies was not to have any special sound effects, and let the viewers get the chill by looking from the corner of the lenses.

Paranormal Activity Series

Blairwitch Project

Ragini MMS

5.       The Game Changers:

Some people dream to succeed in life. Others dream to crush these dreams.

The following list will oil your creaking doors, tan up your zombies, stitch your torn dolls and subtly laugh at the genre in the face.  These movies are fun to watch as they take every cliché, every stereotype and make you guilty of ever getting scared of stuff like this.

Cabin in the Woods


Shuan of the Dead

Warm Bodies

Go Goa Gone

6.       The Thrillers:

These movies are unique as the suspense sometimes kills you more than the ghost scares itself. You would watch it again not to show how brave you are, but just to get the references and hints that were staring at your face. But you chose to ignore them while you waited for the next scare to happen. Mr. Guillermo Del Toro is the best thing that has happened to this Genre.

The Orphanage


Pan’s Labrynth

Sleepy Hollow

Sixth Sense

7.       The Classics:

These are the real chilling ones. The blood and gore is usually substituted by unexplained phenomena and the surprise element. These movies actually make you get up in the middle of the night,drink water and run back to bed because you thought someone was following you.


Exorcism of Emily Rose




The Omen


8.       So bad its good:

These are the movies to be seen in broad daylight with a gang of friends, once it releases on television. The directors usually make a good horror movie at first but end up cashing in on the same by making sequels or the like. And of course, they involve really bad acting. You know the drill for these ones.

Also, my personal  favorite still happens to be Pachadlela(Marathi). The movie is scary, Laxmikant Berde is amazing and somehow reminds us of our current state. An outside force controlling a puppet and annoying the innocent.