Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The Critic

The Bollywood movie the critic had dismissed was a superhit. Hungry,he stopped for Pav Bhaji. He didnt care about the reused oil nor Chotu's clothing sense. The Pav Bhaji took him away from a chaotic world. It was his reward for a hard day. Perhaps he needed to take the movies and the Bhaji with  pinch of salt.

The Troll

He was mad for Wordplay on twitter and facebook. Anagrams or instagrams, he was very punny at it. But the memes never impressed the ma'ams. Jingles always kept him Single. Trolls never let him Roll. He then decided to 'A Bo(r)t his life. He never Trended. Noone saw his WIT in Twitpic..

The Robbery

'Tere ghar mein ma-behen nahi hai khana banake de?'
The aiport authorities explained he couldnt take eatables with him.
'Toh achaar chak ke dikhau?'The authorities gave up and repacked his eatables. Once he landed, he smirked while taking out the diamonds from the pickle jar.